PanelesThe Demestres brand is present in the market of electronic instrumentation for more than 50 years, its analog and digital panels as well as its wide range of measuring instruments, enjoys high market acceptance for its proven quality and robustness.

Currently it belongs to Digital Innovation Systems SL group, which markets the brand Diginsys in the areas of design and manufacture of electronic applications, taking advantage from the contribution of technical resources and means of this company.

Demestres products are checked one by one in our quality control department before being shipped to the customer, even in large productions we guarantee the quality and performance of each and every one of the products delivered. No statistical methods for calibration or tests on both analog and digital panels are used, rather than this all of them being calibrated one by one according to customer demand.

We have entered a new stage in which traditional Demestres products will increase their added value with unique designs and customization according to customer needs, with the advantage of proximity that provides a company with European headquarters.

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